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fibra natural

Synthetic fiber

We got the best quality in the following types of fiber we manufacture: Rafia, Polyethylene, Nylon, Poly, Plastic... Read more...

fibra natural

Natural fiber

We got the best quality in the following types of fiber we manufacture: Cotton, sisal, hemp and esparto... Read more...

The business we develop specialized yarns and ropes in general any type of fiber whether natural or synthetic. As manufacturers in some cases and in others being stockists.

Among our products such as coils of ropes or industrial yarns and fibers is directed to the sectors:

cordeleria cuerdas

  • - Pyrotechnics
  • - Hardware
  • - Industrial Supplies
  • - Gardening
  • - Agriculture
  • - Construction
  • - Slaughterhouses
  • - Meat Industry
  • - Cutting plants
  • - Sausages and
  • - Companies hams


We also have the Health Registration granted by the Ministry of Health of the Public Health Directorate of the Region of Murcia with RGSI No. 39-03904-MU demonstrating to our customers confidence in our products, which are suitable for any type of rope in the food industry and other sectors.

Trust our products cordage, yarns and ropes.

Our professional staff will assist you personally and advise you on the product that you are interested in the sector in which it works. Being formal agreed delivery times and high quality products.

  • Chair seat: Natural hemp rope 100%.
  • Various measures of chairs.
  • Different options to make the chair, turned different.
  • Minimum Order: 25 chairs.
  • Please include the measurements of the chair you are thinking and we will tell you if we can do and how much it costs.
  • We can manufacture the chairs with seat made of sisal rope, cotton rope, jute rope, raffia rope colors, etc..

Request budget!

silla-de-madera-hecha-a-mano silla-de-madera-hecha-a-mano2

For the purchase of 200 KG. Rafia String 3 Cabos hang channels receive gift 1 KG. Cotton String white / red cut to the measure chosen.


Promoción Cuerda Rafia


Nests to produce different varieties of existing birds.

WHAT WE USE: Natural fibers such as Sisal or sisal, cotton, esparto or jute.
It is suitable for canaries, parakeets, diamond, Apaporis, parakeets and exotic.

Stretch Film for wrapping machines macroperforated

Fishnet palletize: Eco Macropack Resist

It's a stretch film machines macroperforated reinforced. It is very light and can be used with low stretch wrappers machines.

It is very resistant and is used for wrapping heavy loads due to their high resistance to breakage.

This film can be manufactured with different characteristics depending on the particular use.

  • Presentation format manual: COILS 1,000 meters. BOX = 6 COILS
  • Display Format for Automatic 3500m COILS

mallas paletizar

Fishnet palletize: Eco Macropack Resist - IMDb

Nº of reinforcement 7

Nº of lines

Nº holes per line 1
Inner core diameter 76 mm
Weight per roll Kg 14,5
Width 380 mm
7% with weight 15 Kg
14% with weight 25 Kg
20% with weight 34 Kg
Breaking Weight 35 Kg
Weight per meter 4,3 gr
Roll length 3200 mt
Outer diameter of roll 280 mm
Material Polyethylene (LLDPE)